Someone asked about the daisies that I made for my recent vase project, so here is a zip file containing the SVG for the flowers. Enjoy. You’ll have to scale for the thickness of wood you’re using to get a tight fit, or just use glue.

Daisies.zip (4.5 KB)

One Vase, Two Vase, Three Vase. More?

Awwwww, thanks for that!


the daisies are nice but your vase designs are amazing! :heart_eyes:


I didn’t even know I wanted these until I just saw them here. Thank you. :slight_smile:


Very generous of of you, thanks!


Thank you so much!
I’m kind of an odd ball … never wanted my husband to give me flowers. They die so quickly … although, they are always so beautiful. A flowering plant has always been acceptable. These are forever … and I thank you!


Mine learned quickly that electronics were a much more effective way to my heart. :wink:


I always bought the electronics before anyone else had a chance. :slight_smile: Guess I made it kind of hard for him.


That was my wife too. Now I just get her a gift card and turn her loose since I’m forever picking the wrong live plants.


Probably because it’s NOT rocket science. :wink:


You got that right.

Not electronics either. She has no interest :expressionless:


An immortal bouquet! Thanks for sharing your design.


Sweet!! Now I can have flowers in my home that won’t die. :upside_down_face:
Thanks so much for sharing your design!


My husband has learned that I’m pretty practical… He no longer wastes flower money in the week before valentines. I get flowers about the 16th or 17th when they are a bit wilted and about 75% off. Then he gets to be romantic and we don’t blow as much cash on hype.
Electronics don’t always win; but neither do flowers, I’m afraid.


My wife won’t let me buy flowers… ever too much for the price. I cook, well… That suffices :slight_smile: