Daiso for super-inexpensive magnets

We went to Daiso in Redmond today to get some last minute fun stuff for our niece. If you’re not familiar, Daiso is a Japanese dollar store (well, $1.50 store :wink:)

I always check the the office supply and craft sections for tools and materials and today I found four-packs of 13mm x 2mm neodymium magnets and two-packs of 12" bar magnets in easy to grab angled plastic holders – each for $1.50 of course. I just picked up some similar neodymium magnets yesterday for $5 for 2 :frowning:

The bar magnets are not super-strong but hold down thin materials easily and they keep a consistent pressure across the entire surface, not just in spots where the magnets are.

daiso_magnet - 1

Here are the bar magnets holding down a sheet of felt:

daiso_magnet - 2

The neodymiums:

daiso_magnet - 3

They also had 12" x 18" (or so) x 3mm flat sheets of “100% natural” cork, as well as 6mm in smaller sizes, for – you guessed it – $1.50. :slight_smile: If you have a Daiso nearby be sure to check them out for supplies!


I love Daiso. I bought an adorable mini stapler from them at least a decade ago. It has the cutest colored staples, and it is still going strong after 10+ years of regular use.

Never considered them for GF materials, but now that you mention it, I’m sure they have all manner of wonderful tools and laser-able items!

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I’ve never heard of them before, but it looks like there are at least three of them in easy driving distance. Guess I have something to check out over the holidays!

They also sell large piles of small zip lock bags for cheap, and I’ve found them really nice as both storage and packaging for small cut pieces like jewelry.

I forgot to mention they also have a bunch of bamboo utensils and house-ware items that are probably laserable (they’re food-safe, so probably don’t have crazy finishes).

I have never heard of them. Turns out they just had a grand opening 15min from my house. I love Texas.