Dan is scarce


I mentioned this elsewhere, but FYI, I’m spending lots of family time so I will be posting less often until post-CES. (Did I mention we’ll be at CES?)


Does that mean I still have to wear my pants around the forums? Enjoy the family, I’ve booked from Dec 21 all through to Jan 3 with mine. Best call I made in years other then making my daughter.

Happy holidays! And good luck at CES. Make us proud.


Dont worry, well hold down the fort!
Send us some video from the forge at CES so we can all get our fix =P
Happy New Years!


Dads out of town for a few day…


@Dan may be ‘Dad’ to some of you - he’s ‘Sonny Jim’ to the rest of us! :smiley:


Are you guys going to be on the show floor, or at a suite (or at something like Pepcom/ Showstoppers)?

Its pretty quiet around here

[quote=“spike, post:4, topic:1215”]
Dads out of town for a few day…
[/quote]This just screams to have Dan’s face 'shopped on to it!


We’ll have a booth on the floor. @bailey, can you share the location?


Sands, Hall G - 80659



Nice! I’m not going this year - and with the insane new security procedures I’m kinda glad (it’s seriously going to be a #$@!!show) - but I’ll try and have a couple of coworkers stop by!


Yup, that’s correct, in Eureka Hall.