Dan Live at Bay Area Maker Faire!

Standing room only at the Glowforge podium presentation- Dan is knocking it out of the park!



You may want to edit that Dremel sign out of this pic . lol :slight_smile:


Jazz Hands at the ready!

I am such a fan girl (squeee!)


Cool you got to meet @dan and get a picture. I’m guessing the Sharpie got engraved by the GF?

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Hope someone taped it for us out-of-towners. Anything new? :slightly_smiling_face:


I demoed the Dremel. More expensive, manual focus, unfriendly interface, no camera, less available depth of engrave, less space for material thickness, same bed size, twice what I paid for my Glowganberry. No thanks!


No camera? I thought they kept that from the Muse days. Guess not?

Or maybe it’s not up to snuff yet. I thought I read that it did have a camera… hmm

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Not the one they were letting us play. Perhaps there’s another level up with one.

Yeah, they said the units out front were first iterations that didn’t have the webcam. The two in the back were newer.

They were also SLOW when cutting! The engraving seemed very poor. Couldn’t tell if it was a file issue or a settings issue. I’ll post a pic once I unpack all my spiff.

Most disappointing? The people demoing them knew next to nothing about them. One tried to tell me it would cut aluminum. My face must have looked shocked because he’s like, “based on your reaction…maybe I have that wrong?” They also had makers in the booth…one did beautiful leatherwork. When I asked her how long she’s had a Dremel she fessed up that she did it all on three other lasers in her shop and had only seen the Dremel a few days before.

Yes, we came away very grateful we had Glowforges!


That’s really funny and at least honest enough not to double-down with B.S. :blush:


And to their credit, they didn’t say anything negative when I asked why I should buy a Dremel instead of a Glowforge for my library.

They didn’t convince me, of course, :grinning: but I appreciate when companies talk about their own strengths instead of trash talking their competitors.


You are very kind about the presentation. :slight_smile: the Hands-On portion of the demo turned into a Hands-On demonstration of Windows 10 updating itself involuntarily, so it was just yours truly talking, with the demo happening later at the booth.


That was just your subtle way of letting people know that a Cloud based approach is best!
Just go to your iPad and continue working on the GF! :slight_smile:


I swear Windows is spying on us waiting for the WORST possible moment to update. I miss having the option to choose an update time.


well, and just to make all that worse, if it was the april update, it was probably a 2-3 hour update. i got bitten by that on friday morning and lost a good chunk of productivity.

so they had makers demoing laser made stuff that wasn’t made with their lasers? that’s messed up.


So irritating.

I guess Dremel took that page out of FSL’s playbook. snap!

But I also wonder if Dremel had its resources diluted, because this same weekend was also the big hardware convention in Indianapolis and they likely had a booth there along with their 3D printers.

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