Dan on cool tools


Just added it in Overcast! Thanks!

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Cool - will need to listen!

Interesting! I was just looking at and thinking about GF’d DM’s screens. Dan’s project looks great.

I’ll lump this into the thread while we’re all checking up on Dan :wink:


Oh Man, Thanks @dan. Now I’m going to have to take a grinder to all of our nicely seasoned cast iron pans. :slight_smile: We have newer ones because when I got married (23 years ago) My wife threw out all of my old cast iron pans because “They were all black and rusty” :open_mouth:

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Well, @dan it’s not the prettiest but I upgraded one of my cast iron skillets. Now on to re-seasoning. I can’t wait to try it.

Note this was one that was previously abused (left in the garage to rust). Sorry.

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What grit did you take it to and how long did it take?

I started with an 80 flapper disc on the grinder followed by a 120 flapper, 220 polishing disc, 400 polish then I tried to clean it up a bit. Back down to 320 sandpaper followed by 400 sandpaper paper. I kind half a** the whole process but it is very smooth. Smoother than it looks. I think when it’s seasoned the swirls will diminish. I can’t season tonight because I’m using the oven to cook my 3d printer filament box desiccant. (Can you tell my wife’s gone for a couple days :slight_smile: )


I never answered how long. I didn’t spend a lot of time, maybe 45 minutes with mostly the angle grinder.

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