Dan talks


If you are in or near Seattle @dan is holding forth at the first of a new event series starting in May.

Not specifically Glowforge related but interesting people are apt to say interesting things.


Looks like it will be awesome. Wish I could come! I miss Washington!


I love this line:
He has been awarded a dozen U.S. patents and is currently serving as technical consultant to his 8-year-old twins’ lemonade stand.



I didn’t know @dan was a former CEO of Photobucket? (cool!) :slight_smile:


Long strange story. If you’re curious - the company now called Photobucket is actually a company I cofounded (Ontela) that later acquired Photobucket and changed its name to Photobucket. Glowforge’s COO, Tom, worked with me at Ontela, and became the CEO of Photobucket after I left. So there are two former CEOs of Photobucket who work at Glowforge. :slight_smile:


Very interesting. Is Tom still on the board at Photobucket or have you both moved on to lasery goodness?

(I know you don’t have time now for idle chat, but one of these days…)


We are both fulltime Glowforge!