Darn Fortune cookie


Got this on Thursday.




Definitely a portent of things to come …


Demand a refund. I mean of the food, not the 'forge.

Only slightly related side note, I really like that your fortune cookie fortune is an actual prediction. Personal pet peeve is when they’re just sort of nice platitudes – ‘good friends are nice to have’ or ‘sometimes hard work pays off’. PREDICT MY FUTURE, COOKIE!


So what about the cookie I opened that said “help! I’m trapped in a fortune cookie factory!” Never was sure how to interpret that one.


I had one once that said, “That wasn’t chicken.”


Exactly! How does “Patience is a virtue” help me plan for the future?


It was much more fun giving the kids fortune cookies before they could read.


Exactly! I want my answer now lol


Only ever seen one brand of fortune cookies for sale in Oz, they are the platitude type but do include lottery numbers on the back.

I think the brand name says it all.



Great post!!