Dashed line change to solid line when import to GF

Hi all, I was trying to work on Tracing Alphabet for my kid, it said dashed line changed to solid. How can successfully import dashed and dotted lined work? Any one know please help me.

Most likely the line should be either rasterized or converted to outlines.

I outlined, still same

The easy way is to convert to raster (bitmap) and engrave that or if you insist on a vector then convert to raster and trace to convert back to vector so each dash is a separate vector line.

If you’re using Inkscape there’s an extension that will do that. (Extension > Modify Path > Convert to Dashes)

The reason it isn’t working is the vector dashed line is just an visual change - if you View as Outline you’ll see it’s still a solid line underneath - and the outline is what the :glowforge: sees. It’s the same reason why clipping masks or vector filters don’t work.


Thank you

Thank you. Will try

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