Date wheel


Photos of a date wheel / week finder project I’ve just finished.

The outer ring rotates with respect to the inner ring. To use, align the arrow with today’s date, and you can easily find the date any number of weeks in the future. I cut a design onto the reverse side just for the heck of it.

Material is medium maple proofgrade, font is Cheltenham condensed

There are two aspects of this design which may be of interest to the forum:

  1. I rubbed candle wax as a lubricant on the laser-cut edge between the inner disk and outer ring. Without the wax, there was too much friction to turn the disks.

  2. The outer ring is captive to the inner disk; it doesn’t come off. A cardstock ring is glued to the outer ring, and rides in an engraved slot between the front and back disks.


I would love to see this assembled. A video clip would be fun. Nice work!


I too would like more assembly photos.


Sweeet! :sunglasses:


Beautiful detail work!


This is awesome! My last job I used a plastic one almost every day … This would have been so much more fun to use!


Cool! I’ve never heard of a date wheel—guess I’ve got some research to do. I especially like that pattern on the back.


Will it help me get a date? :pensive:

( Oh - fantastic job! Please post more when assembled !!)


Hello glowforgers! Thanks for all the kind comments on the datewheel. I took some photos of the assembly process to share, and to show how the outer wheel is attached.



Nice design. I have never used one of these but I would like to.

I assume you need to be mindful of leap years and just add a day when they come around.
Thanks for posting.