Daughter's first Bee day sign!



Came out pretty nice.


Wonderful! How about a BZZZZZZZZZ :sunglasses:


I’ll say it did! This is just amazing!


I thought maybe this was a b-day pun, but I see it’s not!


I love this! What is the material? Did you paint the letters?


It’s 1/4 inch stained maple plywood. Letters are cut outs from 1/4inch maple plywood spray painted yellow. I super glued the letters the the honeycomb background.


Whoa, that’s my birthday! I never knew that…

This is a really great sign! Really like the way it came out


This is great! My wife wants a bee themed wall in my son’s room. I have a 3D beehive and bees I’m going to carve on my cnc. But the hex pattern would look cool behind it!


Love it!


Is it proof grade? If not, what were your settings?


Just a heads up, posting non-PG settings here will get the thread moved to Beyond the Manual. Not that it’s a bad thing, it’s just that some people have strong opinions regarding where they want their stuff. :wink:


It is not Proofgrade material but I did use Proofgrade settings. Medium Maple


FYI PG settings used on non-PG material still falls into the “non-PG settings” category per the FNLs. I’m going to go ahead and move the thread to keep them happy, but if you’d rather handle it another way, let me know. :slight_smile: