Day 1 First Attempt: Star Wars Circle Frame

So after printing the required founders ruler, I wanted to test a custom file I created for a circular frame that fits together in 8 pieces. Since I named my GF Rogue One, I thought it fitting to create a Star Wars Themed frame as my first official project. I drew this up earlier this week while waiting for the GF to arrive. Please note that I have never used a laser cutter before, and understand the concepts in theory. I do have an old vinyl cutter, so I’m not complete greenie when it comes to vector files. I have, however, never had to deal with Kerf, so I thought this would be a great way to dive right in.

I definitely need to get a caliper so I can figure out the Kerf thing. There is a bit of play in these pieces, but since I’ve never done this before, I’m pretty happy with the initial cut. I will tweak this file eventually in Illustrator. I did guess and build in a 0.008 offset on each connector, but it didn’t really work out as I had hoped.

The proofgrade material is great, but I’ll need to find some cheaper alternatives for testing. I had done a few test cuts using draft board, but the one pictured is using Maple ply. Of course I’ll need to make a back for this, and maybe a stand. Lesson learned: Make sure these is a bigger border between the cut line and anything that s being engraved. I made mine too small. I’ll break out the cardboard this weekend. Here is the top layer of the frame assembled.

This thing is going to be awesome! (The GF)



Love the way the design acts as the connectors! :grinning:


That is one heck of a first project. Congratulations!

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That is absolutely awesome! Being a member of the 501st, I may have to try this, with it being more Imperial, of course.


A caliper is obviously a handy tool to have around, but you don’t necessarily need one to figure out kerf for a project like this.

Take some scrap and cut squares out with slightly different sizes, engraving the specified dimensions onto and adjacent to each. Find which square fits best in which hole, and remember that the difference between them will be 2x the actual kerf.

Write the material name on it, and save it for future reference when using that material.


What a cool design! I love the way they fit together.

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Cooool. Great idea for the connectors!

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Sweeeeeetttt! Using the design to integrate the connections is stellar!

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Cardboard. You have to be a little careful with your settings and do not leave unattended because cardboard has a habit of flaring up and sometimes catching fire.

My settings for .125" corrugated cardboard:
CUT: 275/100
ENGRAVE: 1000/60
SCORE: 500/13


That’s a great project to learn about kerf and many other design challenges. Very nice work. thanks for sharing.

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