Day 1 w/Glowforge (words and a dog)

Reluctantly heading to bed after day one with my :glowforge:. It was a good day! I learned that I really like the Walnut hardwoods and didn’t get nearly enough. :joy:.

Cutting out words and names are super easy and people dig ‘em, so I know I’ll be doing a lot of that. Did one for my daughter and she loved it so much that she had me make two more for her friends of their names to take to school tomorrow.

Then I messed around with a proof-of-concept with some draft board to see how sandwiching a word between two outlines of the word would look - and I really dig it, so I’m going to do it again with other materials.

The last thing I played around with was a gift for my wife’s friend at school. She loves daschunds, so I made this out of maple and walnut. Immediately realized that 1) The insides of letters fall out and 2) They tend to be tiny pieces. So I decided for now that the resulting “font” is artsy and intentional… :wink:

I. Love. This. Machine.

Focus on other non-:glowforge: projects is going to be an issue…


Perfectly played on the daschund wood grain!


I’d say you’ve had an incredible day 1! Congrats!


ROFL! They look great, and you’ve already figured out the secret to great art … say it’s what you intended all along. :smile:


What a great start. Watching people fall in love with their machine makes me weirdly happy :slight_smile: I guess I just love seeing people making beautiful art. :heart:


I know what you mean…like when a total stranger goes nuts over something about which you feel the same way…it’s a sort of validation. It’s joyful to hear about other’s happiness.


You have a great start on getting to know your Glowforge! Awesome projects!

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Looks great! Time to get a couple stencil fonts so the centers don’t drop out. (IMO)

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LOL! Yes. I have over 800 fonts, so that’s not the problem. I simply didn’t think of that aspect before I did it. Day 1 learning curve.


Looks like a great day one!! Mine has been quiet for a week, as other work stuff has rudely interfered.


Nearly all of us did the same. :grin:


Awesome first projects and experimentation with words. Keep us posted with your sandwiching work!

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Sure will! I have a couple orders of proofgrade coming tomorrow and I will be experimenting more. Thanks for the encouragement!

It’s a feature!