Day 2--I made a box!


I made a box! My daughter suggested going to for an easy design (no hinges). I easily created a 4 inch box, but I wanted to personalize it. I struggled with Inkscape for a while, then went to Google docs, opened their version of PowerPoint, typed out “bits &”, copied it a bunch, then played with fonts. I then printed that out, put it in the GF to scan, then copied that and filled the sides of the box!

Eventually I will learn Inkscape, but it’s nice to know that I can do it an easier way that I’m more comfortable with.


A box of bits for storing bits! (Cute idea!) :grinning:


I’m sure you were thrilled with your project. So much fun to be had!


Nice! In inkscape just use the text tool and type it out. then with the text selected - ‘Path/Object to path’ and you are done.


Before the Glowforge, I never would have thought I would get such pleasure from making boxes. :package:


And a fine little box it is! Careful, making boxes on a Glowforge is addictive.