Day of the Dead / Halloween Skull

Improvement of a previous design I uploaded a couple of years ago. The finest details should be viable as you burn this at least 6" tall. Added some additional cuts to make the “deboning” easier. Do not recommend protecting with masking tape, that’s a heck of a lot of bits of tape to remove, and the burns might look kind of cool in this context.

In paper and wood:

Here’s the SVG file for burning:


Thank you!

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Still one of my favorite DOTD files! :+1:
(You ought to submit it to the catalog one of these days.)

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Great detail, I love all the flourish you incorporated. Thanks for the share.

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Wow, that is lovely! Thanks so much for the share!

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Thank you! This one is much improved. The previous one had a lot of burns that were much too close and would fall out. Also, I added extra cuts to make it easier to pop out the negatives.

I didn’t know I could submit things to the catalog…

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Awesome. Thank you.

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Eventually they will be accepting files for the Customer section. (The Free with Premium files.)

Many of those currently displayed are customer submissions. In the future they are planning to pay a royalty to the customer/designer based on sales (or downloads, I’m not sure which) of their submissions if they are accepted for the Catalog. And I think anyone can submit one (or more) for consideration.

That “Free with Premium” section is going to keep growing. They just don’t have the submissions part worked out yet. I’m not sure if you have to be a Premium member to submit files or not.

Thanks for this. I have a different one I’ve used for smaller engraves but this one is nice scaled up. Printed it as a little halloween gift for some friends I am visiting tonite…


That’s really cool. I want to try a v-carve of that on my Shapeoko when it’s back up and running.

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Oh, very nice indeed. Thank you!

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Fun! Fun! Fun! Thank you! It looks great!

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Thank you! Very nice detail and design

Thank you for sharing.

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Thank you for sharing! I made a simpler version of this (for a gift for someone who loves these and then scaled up for a friend celebrating the holiday today). But I made mine so they could easily be painted, so it’s just a different style. I love the details here. Thanks so much for sharing, looks great!!

Sweet. Thanks for sharing. Great design.

Very Cool!