Deadly [referencing the deaths / bad journalism in california]

I have a Google Alert setup for GlowForge…this article popped up and I thought I would share it.


Yeah, it’s been making the rounds. Idiocy abounds.


Made for great headlines, but they figured out that neither the 3D Printer nor the laser were running at or near the time of their death.

I hope the original reporters get their a**es in serious trouble for bad reporting.


“Alternative Reporting”.

Fixed that for you. :laughing:


Wow that video guy was angry! Also we’ve ruined an industry somehow…do we get a badge for that?

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Looks like news business works the same way everywhere, a BIG headline you can’t forget and a few details that they change later. Finally someone says sorry but the damage is done.


Why does the author of this article slam on Glowforge so much - It’s not even out in the public yet? I understand they (GF) uses the term “3d laser printer”, but the original article (about the tragic deaths) that used that term used it because they were ignorant- not because they though it was a Glowforge. The author of this article doesn’t mention the fullspectrum hobby laser aimed at the public (been out for years)or the hundreds (thousands) of chinese lasers in homes or epilog or universal or l the others. Instead he brings up Glowforge over and over ?? Oh well - just had to vent a little after reading that article. People should concentrate on the poor couple that lost their lives - not on conjectures…


I think you’ve answered your own question. When he went to write the article he likely looked at the term “laser 3-D printer.” He was likely already familiar with the Glowforge marketing materials and knew it was the only laser cutter that calls itself a “3D laser printer.” Oh, I just read the article a little more carefully and I see he actually said that in the article… "they are the only company that actually refers to their product as a “3D laser printer.”

So there we go… The original article used the term, Glowforge used the term. Nobody else would use the term because it doesn’t describe the device properly, so… there can be only one. Once he latched onto the Glowforge as being the subject matter it seems he didn’t let go.

Correct… Because they all accurately describe their devices as “laser cutters/etchers.”


Yeah I keep wondering about the reference phrase - it was very specific. Could it be a case of where there’s smoke there’s fire? I really hope not…

We can make our own badge on our Glowforges… No need for handouts… The industry has apparently been burdened enough. /sarcasm :smirk:

There was already an extensive thread here on this, and Dan apparently commented (per someone who saw his comments) on the source article that this couple did not have a GF.


But have we always received the truth from GF? Power supply main reason for March 2016 GF delay…? GF really a “laser 3D printer”? Are we really getting “paid” for the latest delay?

I absolutely value candid reports of facts. The coal face, not the dirt. The ice, not the water. The light, not the glow… Continually getting vague responses and information erodes trust. On this forum I seem to be in the minority apparently (Whoopi, bring my flame suit - pause - ok go!)

Two people died in that incident. It’s pretty much as serious as it gets. All I am saying is that I hope that the reference to a 'laser 3D-printer" is nothing more that some weird coincidence or the result of “creative” reporting.

The cause of death is either not conclusive yet or has not been made public as far as I know. Hopefully we’ll know more about the actual machines present in the room after an official report is released (unless I missed the latest news - ?)

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Joins a long list of fake news!


Given the handful of GFs out there, it would be pretty obvious if they were betas or prerelease users. Also their friends, who have been on several forums/news reports have stated that they had a laser cutter and a 3D printer, and that they never ran the laser cutter unattended, so that makes both it being a GF and laser related for any reason highly unlikely. I think this is clueless reporter mashing together terms, and a very unfortunate stupid slogan from GF combination. We wait for the official cause of death from the coroner of course.

That is totally separate from general communications from @Dan, although he has been much better since the last delay and backlash after (not saying he still doesn’t revert occasionally to lawyer-corporate speak, but he is the CEO of a company after all); I have to give him credit for improving (maybe not as far as we might want, but he did meet us in the middle, which I appreciate).

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From the article named above:
“Could carbon monoxide have escaped from the tube of the couple’s laser cutter? Possibly, but that’s not the only danger. Toxic compounds can also be released from the materials that are being cut…”

Are you kidding me?! Really? Carbon monoxide (CO) escaping from the laser tube? We get far more CO by walking outside near a busy street (car exhaust) than might be contained in any laser tube. Idiocy of “reporters” amazes me. And mentioning Glowforge prominently in the article isn’t so bad, although it seems negative, it isn’t. I would look at it by the old Hollywood axiom that no publicity is bad publicity. :grinning: Go :glowforge: - Rich


Incredibly irresponsible! Guess I won’t be perusing that site for anything in the future…

It’s always so eye opening and amazing to me about how horribly uninformed, unknowledgeable, and possibly corrupt/full of lies some “journalists” are, when I read articles about things that I am very knowledgeable about.

I.E. their articles are SO full of poop, or are misleading, or a just so patently WRONG, that you just shake your head in disbelief and disgust, and wonder how in the world did they write such garbage.

And THEN, even worse, is the realization that people who don’t know as much as you about the subject will believe in this nonsense, since they have no reason not to, and it’s horrifying.

AND THEN, even more worse, it dawns on you that God only knows how much garbage you yourself have read about stuff that you are not knowledgeable about, and YOU BELIEVED the garbage, because you had no reason not to!



Yeah, like that…exactly! - Rich


A little research would have been informative.
Even referencing the tiny amount of Co2 in a laser tube was stupid due to;
1 - the volume
2 - Dioxide, not monoxide

Obviously there is a need for editors to possess a fundamental degree of science literacy.
Gee maybe it was that dihydrogen monoxide stuff I heard about! Lasers use that too!


Sorry, but there are actually CO lasers as well as CO2 lasers. It’s just that it is seriously unlikely someone had one in their house. And the volume of either gas is small in the tube compared to almost any other source (exhaust being the most common)