Death fabric expulsion

I received some death fabric (aka: leather) with my initial Proofgrade offerings. It’s not something that I want. In fact, I’d like to expell it from the house. Anybody want to trade? I won’t judge you for wanting it if you don’t judge me for not wanting it. :wink: Local would be simplest, but I’m open to whatever. It’s two pieces of medium (says “standard”) natural leather in 5"x10". So, that’s about $20 in material. I’d exchange for a different material or maybe you’ve got a cool project or a first born child.

Edit: “Local” is near Lakewood, WA, USA


Can trade you an eco-friendly birdhouse design for it, if you’ve got a lot of recyclable cardboard on hand…I finally finished numbering all the blasted layers and laying it out. :smile:

(It repurposes a LOT of cardboard.) :wink:

If anyone else wants it, I don’t really do that much leather work, but I hate to waste it or the poor beastie died for nothing.


I’m in Portland, but head up your way regularly. @Drea is closer than me as far as shipping.

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A piece of 5x10 leather costs $20? Well, I was planning to avoid it bc of the smell, but now I will definitely be avoiding it because both those reasons.


oops! 2 pieces. Fixed in the original post.

You say you prefer local, but don’t say where you are. I’d be interested if you’re in the Seattle area.

Edit: you’re in Lakewood? I could plan a trip this weekend down to Tacoma to visit family and trade. I’ll make a list of what I’ve got in stock later this evening if that suits you.

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I thought they might offer Vegan, and Gluten free proofgrade sample options. I’m surprised that never became a thing.


I know one of the suggestions I made way back when was possibly being able to get vegan "leather’ like the one made from mushrooms…not sure what to do with PG leather I got as well.


I see you’ve already got several takers, and I don’t want to step on any toes. In the unlikely event that one of those options falls through, I’d be interested.


Current pricing is:

Thin: 5x10" - $9
Medium: 5x10" - $10; 12x20" - $24
Thick: 5x10" - $12; 12x20" - $30

(not including Founders discount)


I dont have any frame of reference for buying leather, so maybe it’s all priced like that (and I don’t have access to proofgrade pricing, so maybe that is average?). I’d just be a little scared to use it. Maybe I’ll just be lasering paper. Lol.

I guess it’s all relative.

You should start with this paper!


Thanks, all, for your interest and comments. For those of you that read everything pre-edit, I refer you to my username.

I’ll be sure to find a home for the leather. I’d also hate for it to be wasted.

@hansena, I’ll PM or DM or whatever it’s called in Discourse you shortly.

@davethegr8, you’re number two on the list. @Drea, number three. I’ll let you guys know if I move down the list.


Well, if there are any vegan/vegitarian GForgers in the Texas Hill Country, who wish to be rid of their :proofgrade: Death (Leather) Samples. I’m more than happy to put them to “good” use.

If anyone finds alternatives to leather, let us all know. No reason to diswade a growing portion of the populace from possible :moneybag: opportunities.


Not for nothing. Think of the quality steaks :grinning:


One of my favorite songs is “Meat Is Murder” but Morrissey would not be happy with my diet :grin:


‘The Queen is Dead’ is one of mine and thus far Her Royal Highness has refused to come visit for a cup of tea


Oh well

“Life is a pigsty”