Death Star Plans, with Philips Hue!

I learned a ton making this. Bought the image on etsy, did a bit of work to clean it up for engraving. The image/clear area is 12" tall. I wasted a lot of acrylic making spacers to allow the hue LED strip to fit in there, then after I was done realized I was dumb and could have cut strips to the width I needed rather than relying on stacking 1/8 acrylic rectangles. At least the scrap is all 12x8 rectangles :slight_smile: .

I also learned not to use super glue anywhere near clear acrylic. You can’t see it in the video (at least not much), but if you look in person you can see glue seepage. Next time I’ll build it so the clear piece is ‘free floating’ in the frame and is held by black spacers. This will eliminate glue on the clear piece, it will also save a good bit of material.

I’ll probably put together a how to video on this one since its a really easy, and fun/rewarding project. It takes the night lights to a new level, especially at this size :slight_smile:


This looks interesting. I am a fan of Philips Hue.


Awesome. This is right up my alley. I would love to see the “how to”, on this. Thanks for sharing.

Would be great to include a picture…

Fair point, done!

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Wow, that really does make an amazing night light!

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…so it turns out that Mr Philips Hue is not in fact one of the architectural draftsman who drew up the original plans for the Death Star, nor does he discuss them.
This shines a whole new light on things.


I came down to my office this morning and forgot I had it hanging. Made me very happy.

I’m working on a how to video, in the meantime if anyone wants to try this I found cheap hue knockoff that has some cool music effects as well, look for ‘govee led strips’ on amazon. If you want to make it on the cheap without color change or voice control you can get single color LED strips for under $10. I made a Millennium Falcon with that but it wasn’t as exciting :slight_smile:


Would you be willing to share the box design minus the image so I can try and learn how you did this?

I’m putting together a YouTube video that will hopefully be done this week (who knew that was a lot of work). Once it’s done I’ll be including a template svg for a 10x8 frame.


I love this! I would love a how to video :slightly_smiling_face: I’ve only had my pro up and going a few days! Nice work!

very cool!

Really hoping I can finish off the video this week. I’ve been really busy after work (meaning drinking at the pool while the kids play) . I just need to shoot the assembly which by definition has to be in one take thanks to the permanence of crazy glue or acrylic cement.


This is phenomenal!

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I’m being a total slacker with the how to video, but… right now amazon has the LEDs I use on sale:

this is good. Do you have the .svg? Being lazy sorry.

Welcome to the forum.
It is against forum rules to ask for files.

oops, I am sorry. I thought I saw an offer to give it in one of the posts.

Did you get the video finished? I came across this and looks really cool. I would love to try this with so many different plans and drawings.