Dec 2016 Glowforge Q&A


Out of likes again, so I must thank you for your service in words.

And I’m sorry you had to clean. That’s pretty much the worst.


I just finished watching and although I know it was exhausting and difficult for @dan and @Rita, I really appreciate you both. While I’ve not been in your exact situation, I have been in difficult leadership positions and understand a small part of the pressure that you’re experiencing. Thank you for your efforts and transparency.


Thanks, @dan, for doing this. Can’t speak for all, but it helped reinforce my original choice as well as my decision to see it through.

Now breathe, and then get back to work! :wink:


Thank You.


I appreciate the attempt at transparency but I’m still having a hard time being handed the promise of trinkets and baubles instead of the unit.

Dan and Glowforge don’t have to offer any of it but at one point we have to stop being so accommodating.

They’ve failed us, repeatedly. I’ve made plans, we all have, and I for one am sick and somewhat embarrassed to have shown this much trust.

I don’t want another apology, I want what was promised (twice). If you feel that way too they need to hear that, it’s a metric, part of the process. Blind support isn’t always what’s needed, embarrassment and consequence of a 3rd failure should also work as a daily motivator.

Please consider how you would feel if you woke-up to another apology email and new date you have to apologize to friends and family for. Dan and Glowforge need to know that’s not acceptable. This needs to be the last time.

We’ve heard from the understanding optimists (god bless you all) but I’d like to hear from those who feel like feet need to be kept to fire (and can do so politely) in these posts. After this second delay requests for accountability are not unfair.


I agree, it is a metric, even if it is hard to quantify.

There is a right way and a wrong way to express your/our displeasure and I for one appreciate that you chose the right way. Polite but to the point.



I’m tired of missing the deadline and being asked for forgiveness.


Just finished watching the live video. At 53:48 Dan talks about the filter and the laser being LEED Gold certified. LEED Gold is a certification for building meeting that have achieved a certain number of LEED points for a “green” building.

@dan What is the certification of the filter and laser? LEED only applies to buildings and not products. (I’m an architect and have to deal with LEED buildings.) If someone is marketing products are LEED certified they are lying to you. Products can be used to gain LEED points but not certified themselves.

Hopefully this was just a slip and your team figured out the correct product certification needed for indoor door air quality. I just don’t want to see you guys wasting time chasing thing that don’t actually exist.


I understood that reference to be about the challenge of a makerspace finding and developing a custom filter for using a different manufacturer’s laser within a building certified as LEED. Not products developed by Glowforge.


Patient, and excited here. Thanks for the honest update. Your team is creating something amazing, and you’re personally sharing so much with us during the process. I’d certainly like to know more, but listening to you, I understand the situation you’re placed in. Just stay focused on what you already believe is the right path. If you deliver on your own expectations, you’ll be setting a new standard in quality. Proud to be a part of it.


He says “anyone that wants to be safe has to do that.” 54:05 - 54:10

There are certifications for indoor air quality but I’ve been at two architectural firms and one school that all three bought new laser cutters from a major laser company. The school chose to just exhaust straight to exterior. They just had a exhaust fan that could move enough enough air. The firms both chose to have a filters. They multi stage (pre-filter, main filters, and air filter) that had HEPA filters and a carbon pre filter.

I know GF is developing their own filter system. I just don’t want misinformation out there about needing to have LEED certified products when they don’t exist.


I’m an architect too - don’t get me started on product certification, ha.

Thanks for sharing those examples. Just wanted to say that I don’t think there was such a claim being made in this case, merely an anecdote about the challenges in developing filters for use in sensitive areas. While I personally intend to vent to the exterior at home, I ordered a filter just in case I wanted to put it in an alternative location. I’m watching news of the filter carefully and may cancel if it’s severely delayed or doesn’t seem like it will perform well.


Is there alllready a solution for the pro version? As i told before a lot of peeps here build a business and bought the gf for that. What will gf do for those companies? I have deep respect for start-ups but i hope gf have that also for us.


As I understand Basics will begin shipping considerably sooner than Pro. If that’s what you’re asking. So I wouldn’t expect a pro until Q3 2017.


I don’t understand why the pro don’t ship first. We pay more for it and will use it in out business. Glowforge make us lose money for the second time. So i hope for a solution for all business with that problem. I think it should be fair if Glowforge should help those people out first, glowforge should know how critical those things can be for a start-up.


You misunderstand, I’m afraid, at least based on Dan’s comments. That might be because the betas / pre-release betas are basic models only. They’ve said a few times that the Pro models will be manufacturerd concurrently with the Basic models and that there won’t be much of a delay, if any at all, between them. That’s mostly because on a hardware level, they’re nearly identical.

The gotcha comes with software; the Pro-specific features are only now being seriously worked on, which leads me to speculate you may get a Pro that works, outside of the slightly increased laser and cooling features, largely like a basic model until the software is finalized.

The two lasers are very nearly the same. Let’s try not get too worked up over something that isn’t, as yet, a problem. Additionally, glowforge hasn’t made you lose one red cent. Any money you’ve lost is because of your own business decisions.


Actually @thomas.alessi.jr, everything @dan said yesterday indicated pro units would be on the same production release schedule the basic is. Of course things could change :slight_smile: the only thing that been said as far as difference is pros won’t be used for pre-production tests and the software for the pass through may be lacking at launch.


Pro machines will be manufactured at pretty much the same time as non-pro. In the live Q&A, Dan mentioned that the common parts of both types go right on the same assembly line. Then, they separate them at the end and put the parts that are different on each. So, like, 90% (made up number on my part) of both types will be exactly the same and do not require separate manufacturing. I get the impression that, at this point, pro software features are what need to get hammered out more than anything.

edit: boy, I’m slow!


You have to admit that gf told us a beautifull story and gave us two time a new delivery date and that was not the thing they told when they sold it.


Sure. I know. But I recall him saying at some point that they wanted to work out any and all of issues with Basics first since Basic is the foundation of Pro. I knew they’re coming off the same line, but I think the final differences may hold that up a little. Plus they’ve said the Pro software isn’t even close to ready yet (but have made recent advances there too).

So, I don’t know anything for sure, of course, but I’d still bet no earlier than Q3.

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