Dec 2016 Glowforge Q&A


You can view the live Q&A that we did here:

If you have a question I wasn’t able to answer, please create a new topic with your question in the Q&A section. I will be offline from this evening until tomorrow night, but I’ll spend time this weekend answering them all (or as many as I can manage).

There is still ZERO transparency. Why?
Schedule update (December '16)
Feb 2017 Update

Thanks again for doing this. It was very insightful. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!


I agree with @jamingaroutte. I feel like many of my questions were answered. Thank you.


It was useful to me and pretty sure the results for most folks were better than not having the session. There are certainly a few that can not be satisfied. Some weren’t looking for your best answers, they were demanding an answer that they liked.


Thanks for the video! I will re-read it and pick everything apart. J/K


one thing made me trust about this company is the way Dan the CEO go online and explain everything by himself. So thanks for keep doing this :slight_smile: thats give confidence to everybody


I appreciate the effort. I don’t think you answered every question as-asked, but I believe it was a genuine effort.

I won’t say this step will prevent me from canceling my order. I can say it has prevented me from canceling today.


Thanks again for doing this dude, I think it goes a long way.


Thanks so much for taking the time to do the Q&A. I wasn’t able to catch the whole thing live, so I’ll have to rewatch it. But what I did see was informative, reassuring, and exciting.

As someone who did not care at all about the 3d engraving thing, it blew me away. Webcam quality and all, it looked amazing.


I apologize. I tried, but it’s been a long week and I wasn’t very succinct. If it wasn’t obvious, that was not rehearsed, so you got a very raw stream of thought.


Your brain is very crowded. (Just an observation.) Chuckle!:wink:


Thank you for the Q&A @dan

My wife said you have a very nice voice😉 and really appreciates your honesty and eagerness to show off what you can.

It took over a year but I finally got my wife as excited about the glowforge as I am. We both seem to talk about laser projects every day.

I’m in it for the long haul and love what you have done.


@dan. Much love here from Singapore. Can i know if my purchase was forgotten? I did not receive an email on the schedule announcement and saw the forum topic. Purchased in oct 2015.

My concern is on shipping. What is the planned shipping process like? Do i have to head down to customs and claim my product? Or a freight company will take care of this and contact me?

I understand only when product is ready to be shipped will these be addessed. But I’ll like to know in advance if possible.


The raw, non-rehearsed format is where the appreciation was earned.

Go home and relax for a few days. Take two if you need to.

And then tell us how you feel on Monday. And what you had for breakfast. Also, include hourly updates of where in the office you are. :wink:


Well, if she likes, she can always listen to his brother on NPR. :V


Hello @eternasky

Your questions would have a higher chance of being answered if you email concerning the status of your order.

Also, if you post in the Q&A section about shipping questions. Then you will have the highest chance at an answer.


Edited: Sorry the second part didn’t come out how I would have liked.


Okay, I’ll admit that I am more than a little giddy that I was mentioned twice as a question asker. :squeee:


What about that @marmak3261 guy… multiple mentions and free publicity for his new YouTube unboxing channel. I’m sure he’s going to rich once they go viral.


Bro, he’s gonna get mad clicks when his production Glowforge arrives and he drops that second unboxing video. Ish gwan be hot!!


Hated to miss the Q & A but I was busy on the Glowforge. First had to clean the room. You are all going to need space for design, materials and Glowforge. Glowforge is neat and tidy, but the prep space for materials and such, woo.

And I am so mortified that I have this opportunity and I have the videographic skills of an orc. But I will 'forge ahead.

Ok, going to write up screen shots of the interface and post those. Then will upload video. Later.