Dec 2016 Glowforge Q&A


I have a few questions for @dan following the QA video(of course anyone can pitch in :wink:) :

As I understood you are producing Glowforges right now, just very very slowly.
Are all these “pre-release” for beta testers and internal testing yet or is the plan to stockpile GF’s until march?

Or will you start shipping a very low number of consumer ready machines earlier?
To the filter question in the video you said that people who are getting very early units like in January or February won’t get the filter simultaneously where you talking about regular consumer machines?

Totally understand that you don’t want to disappoint again by promising shipping anytime soon I’m just curious to how this will work.

Last time you delayed shipping was because you needed to get a better power supply(right?), but that’s OK now right?

This time it’s that production is hard and you need more time to get the “line” producing quality every time, did I get that right? That there isn’t anything specific you need to change?

As was said you could ramp up production now but that would reduce the QA essentially?

Thanks for any clarity offered :blush:


So your advice is for other people to be nice?

You interpreted it as condescending.

You call yourself and outsider, but it seems that you don’t really want “in.” You are “in” as a pre-order customer. You might make some friends if you take your own advice. Maybe then we can know who you are. I think it would be nice to.


(Thanks for saying anyone can pitch in…most folks just want Dan, and he tends to be in and out.) :wink:

My understanding was that the Production units won’t start going out until around March or so, but that’s going to be based on the Pre-Release results and Beta units, and those are going out now. So when he talks about earlier units going out, he’s trying to make sure that those who sign up for the Pre-release, and those who accept early delivery in March/April/May - understand that the Filters might not be ready yet, and they need to have a way to vent it.

The Power Supply issue has been fixed for a long while…they would not be able to do the 3D Engraving without it being fixed. (Was the cause for a large part of the delay.)

Yes to the Line Producing Quality issue from what I heard. It’s little things that pop up over time like static buildup in one of the stickers that they have to check for now, and the only way to do that is let a bunch of people run them for a while. So…the need for the Pre-Release testing.


You live in a beautiful country!!! I tried bringing a spectroradiometer into Bolivia in 1975. I refused to bribe the airport customs officials so they wouldn’t give it to me. Fortunately, they released it back to me when I left a month later. Good luck with your import!!!


Alright @jaredx2… I just read through this thread while it was at 102 total posts, and saw your conversation stream as severely off the tracks. So I am reviewing all related posts to try and contribute.

This will either be helpful, or kicking the hornet’s nest. Whichever one it winds up being, do know it was meant to be the former. But, what I am seeing is that you (perhaps unknowingly) set this up to be nothing but trouble from the start.

You mention you are a teacher, so it is possible you have been modifying your behavior based on your students without realizing it.

By that, I mean the start of your post, where you set your tone as confrontational (by telling us how you are not being confrontational without having done anything which would lead us to believe that you are doing so… which is much the same as what I just did in THIS response, so if you ALREADY think I am being a jerk… that was intentionally done to show you how your own post read to others. Apologizing in advance has a reverse effect). Adding a statement of credentials to your apology in advance further sets the negative tone. Since nobody can check your credentials, mentioning them has no meaning. If you do know what you are talking about, it should come across in the points you make.

Again… these are the kind of mistakes very common among high school and early college age children. It is possible that your students have influenced your communication style.

Okay, long chunk of text before this was all about putting my foot either in the door or in my mouth. The actual reason I wanted to jump in on this discussion was because it looks like you feel that the initial question has been lost, and yet all discussion about how the question is lost is not bringing that question back to the front.

It appears that your question was whether or not…

This was in the MIDDLE of your 4,216 character long post which jumped from a rambling pre-apology to a final display of outside work. And it was stated in a parenthetical. I only realize that was your question because of allusions you later make to that one nugget (and hopefully you tell me if I am also missing your actual question, but please re-state your question succinctly when you tell me I am clouding it over so that it can be actually answered…).

To answer this particular question (even though my answer is secondhand at best): Yes, I am pretty certain that the units they sent to @marmak3261 and to Tested are the very units they would point to and say “Make me 10,000 of those!”

The problem, as outlined in the email announcing the delay, is that most units coming off of the production line aren’t copies of those two units. When your failure rate off the production line is that high (all we can say is over 50% based on the email anecdote), you cannot ramp up to producing hundreds a day.

So that is why the new timeline is a gradual production of units, leading to a ramp up to full production around mid-year 2017.

This post is already long enough without me picking apart all of the bickering which has happened since your first post. Ideally I haven’t added to that bickering with my decision to point out how it is all your fault (which is essentially what my opening section boils down to, but I did mean to say it tongue-in-cheek just now).

Discussion via text alone is difficult when people are clear headed. People are not in such a state of mind right now. So, especially with us rambling folk… nothing will go well.


I’d be fine with an identical twin shipped to me of what I have so far. It just works. The proofgrade just works. The Glowforge designs just work off the bat, meaning they print and the people I show the rulers, earrings and luggage tags to are suitably impressed. I have been banging on MakForge with an iPad, an iPhone 5s, an old Dell Optiplex, underpowerd running an Ubuntu 14.04. and Another Optiplex with a better graphics card and Ubuntu 15.04. Graphics card and memory make a difference although it could be the difference between Firefox and Chrome running the graphics. I fetched my Office Desktop with Windows 10, and the iPad and my office Dell (pretty hefty hardware configuration and graphics card) redraws screen equally well with minimal delay. Hope to do a screen recording of a print. I’d say the hardware is in great shape. What issues are with the software, I’m still trying to figure out. Most of my performace problems have come from using an underpowered old computer. I hope this week to be able to send some info out about it. I don’t want to keep pushing badly produced YouTubes. It doesn’t to the Glowforge justice.

By the way. I only read @jacobturner’s post in this topic and saw my name and wanted to jump in to the fray.

I’ve been super busy. I can’t sleep because I’m so excited. My head hurts from all the ideas I have that I can do now with this machine.


That’s probably the best news I’ve heard over the last week or so!


Honestly, if you’re uneasy about it, get out now and buy one later. Once they hit full production (after all the pre-orders are in the wild) you probably won’t have to wait long. The slightly higher cost might be worth your peace of mind. I’m not remotely hesitant, so I don’t mind keeping my spot in line.
I encourage it even more if you’re ahead of me in line. :wink:


this may be in poor taste? (offence not meant) based on your first few lines there its a good thing your are single as it sounds like another person would be jealous of your time. as for the other ppl who are not single may soon be after they get the GF in lol …


Not at all. But I had family all weekend, cooked dinner for five Saturday, brunch for five Sunday and hosted people all day plus weekend services. But a day off alone tomorrow will be sweet.

Edit Monday A.M. They stayed the night. Can’t get enough of that Glowforge.


Yeeeeeeaaaah. Nah. :wink:
I’m all good thanks! If i jumped ship on anything i was “slightly hesitant” in… it would mean i wouldn’twouldn’t have the life i have now… running my own business and making awesome, and often risky decisions.


@loopingtales Im sorry - I am not a company, and my needs, wants and desires are no different than your businesses. We all purchased into what should be a pretty bad-mama-jammin piece of equipment.

Perhaps it is MY impatients, but get inline and first come first served and ftr I know im at the end of the line for the 10/25 date - while I would LOVE my GF…I know it’s just a waiting game at this point. Personal or professional we all purchased our machines and we ALL deserve to see the benefits.


After giving a few days thought, I decided to cancel afterall.

I can’t help but overlook that after a year, I still don’t have your laser cutter in my lab. I can, however, have several others here as early as this week.

Upon refelction, a poorly focused camera isn’t worth the wait.

Best of luck.


Tough choice. Gotta do what’s right for you though. Best of luck to you, sir!


Thats true and i completly understand. Why I wrote what wrote? In companies work people (in a lot of cases more than one) and it could affect them.


If a company is so short on $ that the purchase and waiting for a working piece of equipement is affecting paid employees??? I have to say (as a small business owner) that is a companies poor planning by banking employee success on a kickstarter product.

I would love to run a business based on my GF - an plan on starting using it for business by making promotional items for my current business WHEN I get it, Im not running out hiring people to run my GF and make product with it prior to having it in hand that is just silly sauce. (BTW Brad is my Husband)




Most useful post since the announcement… Thanks.

Curious why underpowered should make large differences, given the bulk of the “hard math” is done in the cloud on presumably a very beefy server (motion planning, etc). Is this just the display is slow when doing layout?


No. You’ll get it and love it! But I also don’t blame you if you don’t trust my answer and want a refund - we can make that happen for you right away if you change your mind.


The former; we’ll use these for testing.

Yes! The power supply is golden.

There are many small changes we need to make as we fix and improve things, but no major broken areas that need fixing to ship like the power supply.


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