Decided to laser my cats!

Made on MFD and black acrylic.

Link to post on instagram

Tabby is Izabell and black on is Sisko!


Excellent work, especially the color on Izabell.

So Sisko looks quite glossy. That’s MDF? If so, what did you use to get that nice piano black?

EDIT nevermind, I clicked through on the Instagram post, you used black acrylic on Sisko. Makes sense.


Oh yes! My bad! I forgot that. I’ll edit the post.

Wow, they’re both great, but man, that tabby!


She’s a cutie!


Awesome! I made a dog wall this week with our chocolate lab Nolan. There is one blank space where I’m still putting together a shadowbox that will be filled with tennis balls


Your cats turned out great. How did you come up with the patterns? They look very realistic . :grinning:


Wow! These are awesome. Love the tabby!


I just drew them with the pen tool in illustrator.


Nice work on both. Great designs and execution!


So awesome! Beautiful work.

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Oh, I really like these layered pieces. Well done!

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Love these!!!

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Oh my stars and garters! :heart_eyes_cat::heart_eyes_cat::heart_eyes_cat: This is drop-jaw awesome and I freaky freak love it! Makes me want to make them for all my cats :sparkling_heart: Thank you for sharing this, I love it so much!

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That’s some skillful artistry! The eyes are so alive. I love your work.

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Love these!!! OMG :heart_eyes_cat:

Kudos. Great Job!!! You give me hope and inspiration :upside_down_face:

OMG! This is so amazing, I LOVE IT! My old man cat (my profile pic) is going through a lot of health challenges and I really would love to make one of these of him. <3

I am pretty much a newb with Illustrator and a beginning to intermediate on the GF. I will def google around to figure out how to do this, but if you have any recommendations or links that you think might be helpful that you’d be willing to share, I’d be incredibly grateful. No pressure though! Thank you for sharing this, it really is amazing.

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They look great!!

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I looove illustrator. Without it I don’t think I would have even purchased a glowforge. My recommendation is learn how to use the pen tool and the pathfinder tool. I basically make shapes with the pen tool and then use the pathfinder tool to overlap objects and cut them up. Doing so allows you to get rid of all the extra bits and then merge the broken parts back together. If you youtube it you’ll see what I mean.

I also made another cat for my friend!