Decision maker or adult fidget spinner


image|373x500Give the disk a spin and see what fortune favors. The material is called candle stone. Very similar to corian. Basis is made of 1/4 birch ply


Took the engraving well.

I’ve used he material before on a CNC making lithophanes.

Came out great! I like the zen-like simplicity of it.

What did you use to make it spin?

Very complex system. My finger.

:smirk: At the points where it is connected to the base, what did you use for that?

1/16 x 5/8 metal dowel pins, found on amazon. Drilled using a Drexel and a drop of CA glue in the hole

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Thanks for sharing! I hadn’t been exposed to candlestone / corian or lithophanes, but now I want to make some!