Deck and Dice Tray Box w/ Engraving


Top can hold trading card game deck, bottom has room for tokens and dice. Both top and bottom friction fit - I was surprised how well that worked out without much effort on my part. I used proofgrade cherry plywood. .

First real project and it was a very pleasant learning experience - for example, you can see my finger joints evolve as I did the core, then the bottom, then the top lid.


good job!

simple and elegant!


Lovely job on it! (great box design too) :grinning:



It’s beautiful! I’m thinking I like the finger joint look on cherry more than on other woods.


The opening tabs make a perfect circle…But there’s no pokéball there? V.2.0 needs a pokéball. :grin:


I may still glue a little engraved medallion into that spot to help you grip the core as you open it - so it still might happen for this version. The circular opening was already suppposed to invoke the inner design of a pokeball, so another option was to engrave the top and bottom of the outer circle onto the lids - but my daughter liked the look of just the pokemon better.


Great first project!


Woohoo, first real project. I definitely see the improvements - never stop learning!