Decorating the living room



Part of this last weekend was spent doing projects for the living room. My husband sometimes like to drink his coffee on the couch in the mornings while reading his daily feeds, so I focused on a few places he can put his coffee. The first was a basic prototype for interlocking coasters that I hope to make more complicated and puzzle like in the future.

I made 6 coaster pieces each in acrylic (white and black), and plywood (walnut, cherry, and maple).

Here is a picture of them all interlocked together.

And with his intended coffee mug…

Next I made a “shelf” for the couch arm with pg cherry plywood, and some remnant polyester/acrylic blend I got from the local fabric store (btw, this material did NOT cut well with the laser…it curled and shriveled up…though I may try it again with the low power mode and give an update on it later).

I cut 7 panels out of the cherry. One panel was 3X7inches and the rest were 1.75x7 inches. I placed holes on each side to allow me to stitch the fabric onto the cherry panels.

I glued the center of the panels onto the fabric so that the material would stay flush to the panels, and then stitched embroidery string to the fabric and panels in a weird version of a blanket stitch.

And here is the final product in use:

Have a good evening!


That is COOL! Totally stealing that I mean, how inspiring!


Ha! I love the adjustable coasters. Also, the arm chair cover/table-surface is a fantastic idea and so smart with the backing (no one wants coffee sliding off the arm of the couch)!


I’m afraid I’d still wind up wearing the coffee, but it’s a :sunglasses: idea.


Y’all have no limits! Great job!


Yea, the backing does a great job of gripping the couch. I tried moving it back and forth, and it held on like velcro!


Really nice. I love the look of the grain on “table top” of the arm protector being perpendicular from the other slats.

All surfaces protected - except from clumsiness.


Very innovative idea–stellar design and execution! I need something like this.


Great combining of materials! Can you skooch that cup a bit and re-post the pic and leave your doors unlocked? On an unrelated note, I really like your work.


That is a sexy little hack of the perennial “how do I keep from ruining the furniture while I drink stuff” problem. Really impressive, and makes me want to try extending the flexible-little-table principle to other problems.


I love the wooden couch tallis!


haha, i snorted. coffee has supplanted my morning prayers by this point anyway.


That’s a really clever idea!

{Puts on Idea Thief uniform. Slyly slips your idea into secret pocket in cloak. Smokebomb and escape…}


Oh, I like the “shelf” idea!


Nice! I’ve been thinking about doing that whole magnetic hex coaster thing I’ve seen floating around. I really like your slot method though. Might change it up and try yours instead.
The couch deal reminds me of my dad’s old remote pouch…but not ugly…and actually functional. I like it!


Hahahahahhahahaha! That’s just awesome!