Decorative Signs for your walls (house or garage walls)

Sitting in the car on a trip and browsing the GF forum … I ran across @smcgathyfay ( Pokemon sign she made for her son’s room…and I started wondering what kind of decorative “signs” have you made?

Here is the link to the inspiration (comments closed):

Pokemon Sign by smcgathyfay


If you search the forum, these projects flop out.

Try this:

If you sort by most viewed and most liked, it will give you highlights very quickly.


This is pretty good too:

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I got a new one I made to post but I gave it to someone to put up and am still waiting for the final installation before posting. Just an easy one with MDF letters, painted black inset into a 1/4 maple plywood engraved for gluing into the letters. It will stick out from a corner on a wall into the hallway. I used my CNC to make an oak base that fits with the room molding.

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Here’s a couple of signs I made about a year ago, because why not.


Those are really cool … is the middle one painted and you scored or engraved and cut out one piece? Wand is very interesting — have you thought about using the command strips so the holder is hidden? TFS!

The Knockturn Alley sign is partial engraved and etched. I actually designed it into three pieces to attempt to get the depth like the original sign and because I wanted it as close to full scale as I could.

I must admit that yes I got a little lazy and planned on mounting a proper hanger on the back, I haven’t thought about until now when you pointed it out and reminded me of this. I promise to get that done soon