Decorative Wood Gate

You are off to a great start. I no longer go out to my woodworking shop since I got the GF.

Wow! So cool! Totally love this! Looks like you and your husband make a great team!

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I did not need a woodworking shop till I got the Glowforge. There is do much cleaning up after as well as gluing etc that I need a proper woodworking shop but do not have one really.


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Great job. I love the idea of interchangeable seasonal panels. We need a new gate for our front porch for exactly the same reason. I am going to have to borrow this idea. :wink: Thanks!

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What clever coordination! I’d love to see what holiday designs you come up with.


I love this gate – the size, the design, how it all fits together with the look of the building. Just YAY!!

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I find that Stencil fonts really help with projects like this. Most of your numbers work without a stencil font… but for anyone trying a similar project, it is super helpful to know about stencil fonts!! Awesome project!! Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for all the nice comments everyone! I just thought I would show a photo of our Halloween gate, quick & simple. Now to figure something out for Thanksgiving.


You’re changing out the decoration on your wood gate with the change in seasons? FANTASTIC!! The pumpkin looks great.

Are you thinking up a design for winter?

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And for New Years all you need to do is reverse the pumpkin and have two smiling people looking forward and back!


The pumpkin looks great!

Thank you.!!

Here is the one we did for Thanksgiving. And now we have to get started on Christmas. :slight_smile:


Those leaves are great!

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This is my fave! What are the leaves made out of?

I bet you could easily sell this as a sign!

This one is really great. Nice work!!!

Yep! My favorite too! :grinning: