Decrease time on project?

For whatever reason I cannot post to the “Tips and Tricks…” so I’m posting here

I have this huge scrabble board project that takes 4 hours to complete. Is there a way to make it faster, but keep the quality? Any tips would be appreciated.

I did a lot of testing to ensure the inners of the letters do not flake off / burn off
You can see the engrave and score settings here:
Letters & feet: Engrave
Border lines: Engrave
Inner “double score” squares - Scored

if your engraves can be all the same setting, you should merge all of those into one object if possible. even if that means selecting them all and rasterizing it as one big engrave item.


If not one setting them set the various things as shades of grey and use vary power.

Scoring the border lines would cut down on a huge amount of time. Is there any reason you would want to keep them as engraves?


Yea, the border is thicker so scoring wouldn’t work for this project

Tips and Tricks is for GIVING tips, not GETTING tips. You picked the right place. :blush:


actually, that’s not necessarily true. you can defocus just that segment of the job and get a wider score line. i do that all the time. it’s not exacting, you might have to do some testing to see how much defocus on that specific material affects the width of the score line. but it’s totally possible. i’ve done quite a bit where i defocus a .125" score by saying it’s .4 or .5" and get a nice wider, fast line.


idk to be honest, i’m not sure that’s something i’d like to take a risk on. This is a project I’ve been trying to complete for over two months and just want it to be done.
(For a variety of reason it’s messed up - wood quality, burning of the center of the smaller text, and this last time - a wood knot at the very bottom of the project. ugh)

Spend some time on small pieces that are just experiments. That way there is nothing to risk on a test, and knowing the result, it will not be a risk on the major piece either, :grin:

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honestly, it’s the only trick that will speed up what was an engrave of simple lines. and it’s really effective, if your line doesn’t need to be exactly precise width.


Ok! I’ll give it a shot. Thank you for the tip. Just a bit exhausted at this point :pray:

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