Deep Cleaning Schedule

I’ve noticed several threads where people were encouraged to clean their air assist fan, or the exhaust fan at the back. I’ve done regular cleaning of everything I can get to without taking it apart. Quite frankly, I’m afraid to take it apart! There, I’ve admitted it publicly. I’m afraid I won’t be able to put it back together correctly.

How often do you need to take things apart for a cleaning? I hope not too often!


I’ve never taken mine apart - but I spend a lot of time with q-tips to make that possible.
The biggest issue with the air-assist seems to be folks putting it on backwards. I’m going to guess in many cases it’s folks going “I’ve got this” and not double checking. My suggestion would be to take pictures all along the way as you’re taking it apart, and following them closely when re-assembling :slight_smile:


Ditto! I hope I don’t have to do anything too technical/mechanical!

Follow directions from the Support page when cleaning the air assist fan. It’s not difficult. However I would advise being careful when removing the metal plate from the rail. There have been a significant number broken track v-wheels and I can’t help but think some are from rough handling. Many, if not most, are likely from normal wear and tear during the constant left to right head movement, but it’s fairly easy to bump or twist the wheels during air assist removal and installation.


I play this Video when I deep clean the Glowforge.