Deep Nest

I am trying to use deepnest to nest a few parts and speed up some cutting. There are 2 issues - 1 is that there is a logo top thing that appears that always need it’s little parts deleted (more of a nuisance then anything) and 2 the app saves the files as text edited docs whether I choose svg or dxf. Anyone on the forum have any experience with this? Any help is appreciated! I didn’t pay the $125 recommended, but I did pay more then 0. Don’t think that would be it though…

I used the mac version this weekend and didn’t notice any logo. I’ll have to double check.

As for the save file, yes. That is annoying. I just add .svg to it and that fixes the issue.

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I just looked at my saved file. No logo in it.

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Thanks! The logo thingy looks like this…58

and all the pieces show up on the side. It is not in my sag file though. Odd. I will try the change to .svg and see what happens.

Weird. Now that I know what the logo looks like, I went back and double checked. Still didn’t see anything on mine. Could it be a remnant section in one of your files t hat didn’t get deleted?

I don’t think so. I selected all my parts then did an inverse selection and deleted, but it still showed up. I have never even seen a shape such as that in all my use of inkscape. It is odd, but I suppose I will just delete it as I go. Weird…

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