Deep Seas creatures (Painted and engraved acrylic)

So I beat this technique to death and it’s time to move on to something new. It’s a time consuming, messy process and some were more successful than others, but it was fun developing it and you can get some cool effects. I think a little light behind would emphasize the water effect and I’ll have to figure something out to display the best ones.

I really want to remake this Angler fish as the color scheme did not work at all and I almost scrapped it. But it does have glow in the dark teeth so that kinda redeems it :stuck_out_tongue:

**If you are seeing this as a green and rust colored picture, it’s some Discourse issue inverting the pic. If you click on it you get the correct version.
Probably my favorite out of the bunch.

I like this one too though…

(Posted this before but putting it here to keep it with the rest of the bunch.)


Gorgeous technique! (Should do one with a narwhal though, before ceasing operations…just because.) :wink:


Oh man, a Narwal would have been good! Damn you… I still have some acrylic and was going to redo the Angler fish anyway. :thinking:

**** Hey, does anyone else see this pic inverted like this or is it just on my end? Discourse does some weird stuff to jpgs, but this is new for me. It looks correct if you click on it.

Posting it to see if Discourse inverts the colors again.

And , it does it again…
Try a third version…


Weird! In your top photo…There’s a green one on top of the pink one. For your bottom ones…they display as green then turn pink when clicked.

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Yeah, they are inverted until clicked for me too. Chrome on Mac.

Likely a Discourse bug.


To be clear, is it just the one pic that’s inverted of are all the different pics in the first post affected?

Just the second one in the original post, plus your re-posts. Not your screenshot, however. That stays inverted when clicked.

Thanks. It is pretty weird. It’s not the same version of the pic either as I saved a couple of different versions to offset the over saturation Discourse was applying to the pics.

Even stranger, it looks ok when I go to edit it.

Downloaded, opened, saved, uploaded…

What’s really funny is it shows correct for an instant, then flips. Also, shows correct in the post preview…

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So crazy! Looks pretty cool though. Now I want to make it in this ominous color combination. :smirk:
It’s not a big deal, but is there a way to let Discourse know about it? Do I flag it for “something else?”

Love them all, but the glow in the dark teeth realy light me up.


Well played Sir, well played. :laughing:

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These are really artistic. Had to show the teeth to my grandson … he was duly impressed!

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This is very interesting.

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They’re all great but I must admit a particular fondness for the angler fish - the glow in the dark teeth!

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This is such a cool technique! I’d really like to perch on your shoulder while you do them; I can’t seem to grasp how you do it.

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And now I can’t get this image out of my head… which is doubly weird since I have no idea what either of you look like.

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