Deepnest and preserving cut and score lines

Hi all, hoping someone may be able to help me with this. I’m using Deepnest.IO to place a part that contains a score line in it. Deepnest works but when I export the svg, looks like the cut lines and score lines are grouped and the same color. Anyone know how to preserve reach on my exported svg?

I’m having a similar issue, as well as breaking up pieces that are supposed to be a single piece into smaller pieces.

What’s the trick I’m missing here? If I have a box lid with multiple score lines and patterns on it, how do I get deep nest to view it as a single part? I’m using inkscape and always group them all before hand, but that doesnt seem to do the trick?

some combination of grouping and putting them all on the same path eventually works for me. Also, I think deep nest treats different colors as if they are not grouped It is a strange program. Wonderful when it works but odd when it does not.

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