Deepnest resizing SVG files?

I’m trying to take advantage of DeepNest to reduce waste. I have a template that I use, 2.5"x3.5". When I pull it into DeepNest, it seems to lose 1/2" each way for every import. When I pull the same file into GF, it shows the correct size.

Is anyone else seeing this or can someone try it and let me know what their results are?



Take a look at the Import/Export settings in Deepnest. There is a setting for SVG Scale that defaults to 72 units/inch. This will need to match whatever design software you used (96 for Inkscape, I believe).


*Edited to clarify which settings to check.


Thanks. I’ll double check that. I’m using illustrator but I’ll double check and make sure AI is using 72 also.

I just double checked everything. Still reducing it down 1/2" each way. I even created a new AI and set the dpi to 72. Same results.

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