Deer Skull Wood Pin

I want to make more wood pins for craft fairs and my online store, I always use the wood backing card, idk I think it makes it look fancy


Nicely done! The art really makes it, especially the antlers, look 3D

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Wow…you have been really busy. Your pins look great. :grinning:


Nice pins!

The backing card is great–your design as well as their function, as great way to include your business info.

Also for displaying at shows, it really helps either standing them on a rack, or making so they can hang (e.g. hang tags). And also easier for someone to not loose within their own purse or bag after they buy one & less risk an antler will catch on something and break before they have a chance to wear it!

If you don’t want to keep using wood, heavy card stock is great–at least 50pt, or matte board if you want to have a colored background…


I like the backing, it’s what make’s it extra unique.

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I agree, great backer for the pins! Nice work!