Definitely not pretty, but at least it works

I spent three whole days trying to design a divider for one of my drawers in my IKEA cabinet I use to store all of my small appliances. I omitted making the outside of a box because I thought it might be too tight to fit some of my stuff in, and I was wrong - it would have fit fine, except too big to cut the base on my GF. I’m not really happy with how this turned out, but at least it works for this drawer, for now. I had originally made another with just two columns and three rows, but I always had to put my coffee grinder in upside down, and as the cord wraps inside, I thought I might break the bottom off if I pull on it too many times to remove it from the drawer, and it wouldn’t fit all of this in it. So I made just the insert instead.

My problem is that whether I try to use Cuttle (which I’m still not good at using),, or MakerCase, all of the boxes have equal divisions in them, i.e., same size rows and columns. I need to be able to have different sizes and spacing. Like this:

Is there an easy way to figure out how to match holes/tabs and have them vary spacing while keeping the tabs/holes correct? Outside of the tedious drawing line by line using a grid, I just don’t know how to do it. I still had to do some modifications on this one, as I’d have a tab just a pinch too high or too long, etc. And although I thought I had the hole size the right width for the board (draftboard), they all turned out to be too wide. Have I said how I’m NOT a designer? For sure!

I still have at minimum 3 drawers to do, and I’m not looking forward to it. :cry:


I see in certain beauty in practical projects,I hope one day you come to enjoy the design phase .


This is really great!!


Can you come and organize my drawers?!


If you make all the openings a multiple of X, then make a box with rows and columns X apart, then you can just delete the tabs and slots you don’t need.


There is an existing Cuttle project that @jestelle made in the early days.


Great project


Everyone - thanks!
@emilyhuh - I think I love organizing more than doing. Think that’s why I was a good secretary - I was organized. :slight_smile:
@geek2nurse - I kinda thought of something like that, and actually tried a cardboard draft, but it didn’t work like I thought and I just got myself all confused. I ended up deleting the file.
@bwente - I’ll check it out, thanks.


Nice project! Hang in there!


@bwente, that Cuttle project worked just fine! It took me a bit to get the hang of it, and I had to chat on Cuttle Discord w/Josh (I believe it was Josh anyway!) to help me understand some things, and I made a few miscalculations on what sizes I need (such as I couldn’t fit one of my pasta rollers in there, but I haven’t found the dough recipe that will work with it, and I use one of the pasta shapers instead anyway), but it works for me! And it only took me a couple hours instead of three days! So thank you for your guidance.



I just make a rectangle and array it along a line, then I union the line and copy as many as I need. Then I can add or subtract them as needed knowing that they will fit. I will often use the same one over and over.
magic fingers
That way the scraps of one will fit the scraps of the others, to make other interesting things like handles.


I was working from home today and saw you on discord.

Looks like you got it figured out. The next one will be even quicker!


The best use of your time, I’d say. Kudos for sticking with it. It gets easier each time.