Delayed 6 more months

How is it possible that a multi million dollar company can offer nothing more than an extended warranty and a couple pieces of b grade wood for delaying a product AGAIN that we were promised 8 months ago? Now we have to wait another 6 months for what? Nothing? This is nothing more than an interest free loan paid for by the people who supported you from the beginning. I have never felt more robbed and scammed by a company. Whats stopping you from delaying shipping again??? Integrity? Oh right…nothing.



Ha. Totally.
But shouldn’t they offer something???
At least discounted upgrades.

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I’ve had start ups fail to deliver without delivering a single unit and no kiss so $20 a month and refund available right up to shipping is sweet to me.


Yeah hate the delays.
Look over here please…



I watched that thing flash about a dozen times. Kept forgetting that I had already seen it.


Use a marker to keep track.


It stinks that you don’t have anything at the moment to show for sticking around for all this time. Since humans act generally in terms of hyperbolic discounting, long-term payoffs will never engender the types of feelings we have to balance when in the short run we are denied any type of payoff. You raise a great point about what might be given to entice folks even more to stick with things until all units are delivered. The premiums might have to be raised for the folks who haven’t gotten them, especially for the International customers.

What was the real and acknowledged schedule for delivery that came out in the board meetings and employee updates? I have this image of the captain of the Titanic and the orchestra playing all the while, but I dismiss it. I don’t evaluate Glowforge that way. I don’t see it as having suffered an irreparable hole in the hull. More like still sailing through the hurricane but basically sound.

My experience of Proofgrade is that it is as good as I can find. Maybe “b grade” implies good to you. To me it implies inferior product. Not my evaluation of it at all. Whether it makes up for the discounting choice at play, that is another question.

$20 a month paid out to hold onto a $1,000 discount for me was a pretty sweet deal for me. Add another seven or eight months to the holding pattern, maybe not.

Might have been more transparent to have a flashing headline in the beginning saying “pre-orders are taken to help guide us in planning for manufacturing according to identified demand.” It wasn’t a crowd-funded endeavor as most people consider them. But is was a startup as most people consider crowd-funded endeavors to be. We have a working prototype that gives some good indication that we can build it out as we’d like but we have lots of development to take care of. And the whole first units shipping in December. Wow.

Did you order a Pro with air filter? That changes the calculus of this immensely. There is no way I could have afforded to tie up $4,000 for two and a half years with no payoff along the way. And folks who bought for educational or business use. That really adds some heft to the sting.


Yep - startups that vanished into the ether without so much as a fond farewell…and – on behalf of the ProofGrade Materials, they are far and away grade A materials. They deserve our kindness and respect. :slightly_smiling_face:


Its to easy for people to take the approach of chastising the naysayers /complainers /whiners. You on the other hand always always start by accepting their grievances while subtly steering them off the edge. Your ability to be constructive while allowing people to feel heard is quite rare and greatly appreciated.

I know that even personally i’m still oscillating between frustration and understanding. Salute to you @marmak3261 for filling the gap.


It could be worse:



Yeah, the guy went loco…



This is slightly off topic, but it used to be:


Have you tried some of the new bourbon aged maple syrups? (aged in old bourbon barrels) Really yummy :slight_smile:


OMG…that was SO perfect!

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Is it the steel trap mind of a voracious reader or superior Google fu to get some perspective on just what people mean by Grade B? Whatever it is, I’m glad you are in charge because it seems like nothing gets by you without it being noted, categorized, and filed away for “just in case.”

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Some years ago I noticed that the “Grade B” looked better than the “Grade A” so I investigated. If memory serves, “A” (light) was originally considered the best, because it had the least distinctive flavor. You see, the newly freed colonies asserted their sweetness independence, claiming that their best maple syrup was just like sugar and they had no need for foreign imports. The darker stuff was given a “B” grade for having a non-sugar-like flavor. Since then, more sensible heads prevailed, tastes reversed, and more maple flavor was considered better. And two years ago it all stirred up and now we have four grades of A syrup.

Lately, I enjoy it best like this.


See what lies behind every word we use. So fun to track them down. I grow my own sorghum for molasses. I do like real maple syrup but I so rarely use it, that I don’t bother keeping even the fake stuff. But homemade sorghum molasses, it’s so earthy and versatile. Works great as a normal pancake syrup but can be used in other cooking without adding an dominating maple note that happens if you use maple syrup. It’s my go to sweetener for stir fry sauces and barbecue.

Whatever folks mean by the best syrup, A or B or Z, Proofgrade is is high quality and consistent stuff.


For us Europeans, the vouchers for the proofgrade are pretty irrelevant, cost of shipping is going to make it too expensive to get anyway.

Best we’ll be able to do is sell them to US users for a fraction of their value.

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