Delivering too fast (SF Bay Area warning)

Hi all,

With all the shipping delay issues, I thought I’d mention my alternative experience.
I ordered on day 11 (Oct 5, 2015) and yes I’ve been waiting patiently for 2 years. On Oct 2 I received my golden email. A few days later I got the notification that my proofgrade materials were shipping. They were scheduled to arrive on Monday. Yesterday I received a shipment from UPS. From work I checked out the security camera photo and noticed it was not one box, but two - and one of those boxes was very large!! Oh my!! It wasn’t the proofgrade materials, it was the glowforge itself!!! Woot! Several hours later I received an email saying that my glowforge was shipping along with a tracking number for a shipment that had already been received.
So, if you live in the SF Bay Area in Flextronic’s (the contract manufacturer of Glowforge) backyard make sure you clear out some space as soon as you get your golden email. In my case the GF came before the proofgrade material and with no email warning.

BTW, the machine is awesome and with the smell of smoke from wildfires around here, the GF fumes are hardly even noticeable.

For those of you playing GF shipping bingo at home, my box arrived with two handles.

Sorry for those of you who received delay emails, but I can testify that some are making their way to customers.


Lucky you, to live near the mothership! Congrats! (Can’t wait to see what you make with it! :grinning:


I wonder where the UPS facilties are and how far out of its way the GF had to go to get to you. Congratulatons!