Delivery info

Sorry if this has been posted and asked a million times. But, is there a way to find out where we are on the list of deliveries? I know they’re shipping out as fast as they can, just was wondering if there was any way of seeing where they are within the presales.

Thanks for any info, and sorry again for being an impatient customer.



Not at this time.


You can get a very large ball park estimate by knowing your order date. They are still on day one, very big day, so if you ordered day one, watch for that email. If not, sit back and relax as it is going to be a while.

If you don’t remember your order date you can go to the main site and look it up.

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If you ordered a Pro, or are international be prepared to wait. It appears production on pro units has slipped. There has been no official announcement as such, but with only one Pro Shipping notice (And no actual shipping of said Pro). It’s pretty apparent they did not make the production goal.


Also I count only 40 emails for basic orders admitted to in this forum. I think first day orders are around 400, so unless you ordered early on the first day it doesn’t look like you will get an email any time soon.


Thanks everyone! I figured it was a long shot
I ordered the basic model, but my order date was Oct 12th.