Delivery issues

Anyone else have issues with UPS holding your equipment until they have a “free driver” to make a home delivery? Ours has been sitting at the local UPS terminal for 5 days. We have contacted both UPS and GF Customer service and no one will give us an answer. GF should be embarrassed of their customer service as they have straight ignored us all together. We are so frustrated and no one will help us. Looking for insight on how to actually get this delivered! Thanks!

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Unfortunately I don’t know that GF can do a darned thing about UPS not having enough drivers to deliver. But you can likely go pick it up at the hub. They usually allow that. (Just give them a call back and ask if you can go get it. Quite a few folks opted to do that rather than let the UPS drivers beat the machines to a pulp back when the first units went out.)

Although you might need a MyChoice account with them first. (Not sure, we already had one set up before shipping.)


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