Dan, I am a high school art teacher! We are waiting for delivery. We really wanted it before school ended, June 3rd is our last day. My seniors really want to work with the new 3D laser printer. HELP!
Loretta Lauer

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You’ll just have to flunk them all and make them come back to summer school!:smile: Seriously. That bites. I feel for you and the students. You might have to arrange with some local shop who has a laser to help you in this noble goal.


Since it won’t be arriving then, here is a good idea to stave off idle minds. Have the current seniors design a curriculum for next year’s students to learn design and laser out some projects. This way they will feel they did something and next year’s students will feel the projects are for them because they were designed by students?


What do you mean HELP!
There has never been enough ambiguity about delivery for you to have realistically imagined that your students could have made use of the GF this academic year. The schedule update has been posted for weeks.

Thanks for the ideas, I would love to have this group back!

Henry Thanks for the idea!

Unfortunately, even if you did order during the pre-order campaign, I doubt you will get one before June 3rd. Or the Beta tests go spectacularly and they ship sooner!

If you are located close to the Glowforge HQ, you could ask if they would let you have a tour/field trip. @dan @bailey ?


Joe what a great idea, unfortunately I am in Florida!

Well if they had an open house, and I found out about it, I am only 90 miles north and would gladly drive down there. Hint, hint.

When did you order? It seems obvious to me that it will take weeks to get nearly 10,000 of these things manufactured, tested, packed and shipped, so the first ones would be shipped several weeks before the end of June. It doesn’t make sense for them to stockpile them as they manufacture them and then ship them all at once at the end of June. Dan did mention somewhere that just the units from the pre-order period would fill more than 250 semi trailers!

@stamford813, have you signed up for the beta program? It seems like that’s your best bet at the moment. I’m sure you have competition though!

This brings up something interesting, to me at least. Unlike normal users and makerspaces, schools aren’t open year-round. If the classroom environment presents unique challenges to a machine like the Glowforge, and if Glowforge wants to get beta units into the hands of teachers: time’s running out.

What happens when 15 students submit their projects, all named “final”, at the same time?

Hmmm… Beta hardware/software failing in a situation like that wouldn’t be fair to the students though. :frowning2:

Unless being part of a beta was integrated into the learning experience…


Teaching them failure. I like it! (totally j/k)