Delrin Testing (Settings)



Hey folks–I want to make a wax seal for my sister’s birthday and thought I’d do it in Delrin for the temperature resistance. I have some 1/16" and some 1/4" here to play with.

So far I’ve not found any recent settings data for Delrin so I ran a little test of my own. Thought I’d share results so folks would at least have a starting point. Note: click on the photo to see the whole test tile.

So I did a test disc with my own initial, using my favorite result from the test, which turned out to be speed 1000, power 100, and 340 lpi. Note on the cutting: I used 300 speed with full power and it didn’t make it quite through, so next time I’d try speed 250 (for 1/16" material).

I don’t have any sealing wax on hand so I tested the disc (adhered with double sided tape to a game tile) with 4 layers of embossing powder heated to melt point. I like it!


That came out great. Thanks for sharing your settings!


Thank you for this as I am sure delrin is in my future


Oh fantastic! That worked extremely well! :grinning:

(I’m gonna tack “Settings” onto your title since you shared them. ) :wink:


i actually like the laser noise in the raised wax letter in this case, but i wonder if mucking with the focus might give you a smoother result.


Wondered the same thing, but the texturing especially on 9 and 10 look pretty cool.


Neat project and testing results!


Could be! I figured this is just a starting point. I need to test deeper engraves, as well as 3D engraves; I think a 3D engrave would make a better stamp.


Love this. Lost a seal in a fire, would be thrilled to make my own instead.


Classic :sunglasses:


Thank you @cynd11 … very nice test! Bookmarked!


Thank you so much for sharing, it looks marvelous!