Delrin Testing (Settings)

Hey folks–I want to make a wax seal for my sister’s birthday and thought I’d do it in Delrin for the temperature resistance. I have some 1/16" and some 1/4" here to play with.

So far I’ve not found any recent settings data for Delrin so I ran a little test of my own. Thought I’d share results so folks would at least have a starting point. Note: click on the photo to see the whole test tile.

So I did a test disc with my own initial, using my favorite result from the test, which turned out to be speed 1000, power 100, and 340 lpi. Note on the cutting: I used 300 speed with full power and it didn’t make it quite through, so next time I’d try speed 250 (for 1/16" material).

I don’t have any sealing wax on hand so I tested the disc (adhered with double sided tape to a game tile) with 4 layers of embossing powder heated to melt point. I like it!


That came out great. Thanks for sharing your settings!


Thank you for this as I am sure delrin is in my future

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Oh fantastic! That worked extremely well! :grinning:

(I’m gonna tack “Settings” onto your title since you shared them. ) :wink:


i actually like the laser noise in the raised wax letter in this case, but i wonder if mucking with the focus might give you a smoother result.


Wondered the same thing, but the texturing especially on 9 and 10 look pretty cool.


Neat project and testing results!

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Could be! I figured this is just a starting point. I need to test deeper engraves, as well as 3D engraves; I think a 3D engrave would make a better stamp.


Love this. Lost a seal in a fire, would be thrilled to make my own instead.

Classic :sunglasses:

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Thank you @cynd11 … very nice test! Bookmarked!

Thank you so much for sharing, it looks marvelous!

150 speed at full power wasn’t too bad for cutting 1/8 (.125") acetal.

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I went two pass and something more like 180 (can’t look it up from here) because otherwise some of the really fine bits melted together, but it depends on the shapes you’re cutting…

I sold a Delrin leather stamp before actually making one and found that the engraving without melting the thin outlines was a real problem . I ended up with 20 or so passes very low power and fast, and ruined five or so before getting there.


thanks for you recommendations of settings


.25" Black Delrin I succeeded with great results using this method (borrowed the idea from above):
Pass 1 500 @ 95% - to get that first score down
Pass 2 300 @ Full
Pass 3 100 @ 100%

That first score at higher speed get’s it past the surface with minimal candle and lower smoke, that 2nd pass cuts it down to 1/2 way and since the surface is breached the separation is starting to maximize.
Its that last pass that really breaks through the 2nd half leaving clean straight edges and low melting on the back side. I tried other settings and I ended up having a lot of melt on the back side where the honeycomb meets delrin.