Deltoidal Hexecontahedron

My latest polyhedral is a Deltoidal Hexecontahedron. 2 layers with the top being cedar, and the bottom birch. Biggest one I’ve created so far, measuring at about 14 inches in diameter. I made a 3D printed stand for this, as well as a plan to add a LED light globe for the inside. I need to rewire the light so the switch and charging port are accessible. I think I’m done with polyhedrals for a while.

In geometry, a deltoidal hexecontahedron (also sometimes called a trapezoidal hexecontahedron, a strombic hexecontahedron, or a tetragonal hexacontahedron) is a Catalan solid which is the dual polyhedron of the rhombicosidodecahedron, an Archimedean solid. It is one of six Catalan solids to not have a Hamiltonian path among its vertices. The 60 faces are deltoids or kites. The dihedral angle between all faces is 154.12°.

Faces: 60 (120 since it’s multi-layered)
Vertices: 62
Stand Offs: 480
Screws: 240
3D Internal Connectors: 62 (12+20+30)
3D Print Time: 32 hours 16 minutes
Total Parts: 902

Approximate Glowforge Engrave & Cut Time: 36.83 Hours


Well, if this is it for a while you certainly like to go out with a bang! I think this is your prettiest one yet, and my favorite. I really like that surface pattern and it looks great on the cedar.

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Now the bar has been set so high I can’t even see it with binoculars! Fantastic!


I never thought I would learn math here.


That’s a lot of time. Yikes.

Great result though. Nice choice on the cedar.


Gorgeous pattern!

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Me too. :slight_smile: Thanks!

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I forget, are you 3-D printing the connectors?

Also: thats looks Awesome.

Yes. This one required 3 different connectors designed in Fusion360.


Nice nice nice.
This would be a fun project for a Fusion360 newbie like me to play with.
You have a favorite supplier for your hardware or (like me) do you just grab stuff as you pass it in the aisle of wherever you are?

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I order everything online. I have limited mobility these days due to having MS, so I take full advantage of having things shipped directly to me. For wood, I’ve used Owyn’s, Ocooch, inventables, and johnson’s plastic. The cedar for this build came from Johnson’s plastic. The screws are not cheap either, so I buy bulk from the


I hadn’t heard of before; I’ll check them out. Thanks!!

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OMG! You… are a nutbar!


That’s some serious commitment. The pattern looks really nice!


downright gorgeous and the pattern carries through from the top to the bottom layer as far as I can see. It has a very steampunk feel to it.


The Grand Finale (for now)!

That is an amazing and beautiful piece. The cedar works really nicely and I bet it is quite fragrant.

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Wow, it’s gorgeous. I would feel compelled to start coloring those intricate designs!

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Makes me wish I paid more attention in Geometry Class, outstanding!