Dem Bones!

A few weeks ago, @Drea gifted me some bone beads and I finally had a chance to do some test prints.

Each bead is about 1/2" (~12.7mm) across and although each engraving was at different settings, they probably averaged about 3/335/340. All were SVG icons except the :glowforge: – it was a .png

Folks have asked about the smell… While in the GF, I actually didn’t notice it at all. Engraving low and fast didn’t really make much smoke (but boy howdy were there a lot of sparks!), and now immediate odor. On the other hand, there was a definite odeur du dentiste thing going on when I removed them. No worse than a root canal. :innocent:


Beautiful detail and clarity on the designs.


Every root canal I’ve had has been totally worth it so… OK, back on topic.

I like the detail you got on these, they look great.

Did you have to do anything special to hold them in place or are they heavy enough and flat enough to maintain their orientation during the burninating phase?


Although the bone is mammalian and fairly dense,the air assist is a tad overzealous at this scale (like a 3-year-old with a birthday cake), so I used a piece of blue tape sticky-side up held down by two pieces sticky-down on either end.


She sent me some of those too! Haven’t had a chance to try them yet. Yours look great!


Those came out beautifully!! Thanks for sharing :smile:

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Haha!!! So the air-assist also has a misting function?!

Some of those 3-year-olds are like multi-propellant fire extinguishers!


yay cake!
oh :mask: nevermind


Wow. You got a surprisingly solid, deep engrave on these. I really like them!

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In UK we have ‘blutack’ (sp?), sort of sticky putty, and reusable.
Would that be useful for this sort of work ?

Can’t see why not, but be sure to check it’s composition if any part of it might come under fire.

Ah, yes. Overlooked that.

Yes we have it too. I use it as well. It helps to put a bit of plywood or chipboard between it and the honeycomb though or you can find yourself picking blue sticky bits out of the tray with tweezers :slightly_smiling_face:

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Slightl OT, but does the air flow for extraction go down through the honeycomb ?

Not too much. Mostly it’s pulled off the surface. Some does go under the material because the material doesn’t fully cover the bed and the bed isn’t sealed to the bottom. But if you’ve got a big piece of material in it when the job is finished and the GF spools down when you open it up and pull off the piece there’s often a small cloud of smoke that comes up out of the bed. That’s why folks were asking for some control over how long the fan remains on after a job completes.


That being the case, is the ‘flash back’ that the bed causes a nuisance that might be avoided by the addition of small wooden spacers, placed at strategic positions under the work piece ?


Yep that works too. Just need to make sure you account for the additional height when setting your focus depth.

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I got some of these as well but they’ve yet to be lased. Can’t wait.


Sorry to necro, but I have to ask - @kids_a_pistol, did you ever do anything with these? I really liked how you laid them out for that photo, and was looking forward to seeing what you’d do with them. No pressure, just curious :slight_smile:

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@Drea sorry for the extraordinarily long delay. I’ve given most of the ones I made away. But here’s are a few I haven’t.