Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending May 6th, 2017



Last Week’s Highlights


Staff Smarts


Beta and PreRelease

Sewing box for rubbersoul79

.Getting A Handle On Alignment

Trifold Journal

Spartan Helmet Construction

Teeny Tiny Tags

Mother’s Day Part 1

Mother’s Day Part 2

A Place for Your Stamps

Moments In Time

Tea-Party Time


May The Fourth

Leather Earrings

A Really Cool Sign

Succulent Concept

Hold de Mayo

This Little Piggy

Pencil Positioning

Bones and More Bones

Cool Acrylic Testing

Another Ridiculously Fancy Grill Hook


Pushing Back The Frontiers of Science Again


Forum Frolics & Freebies

GFUI Palettes

<img src="/uploads/glowforge/original/3X/e/b/eb641b23c688d8d93ad57e29e15d821f44e3f878.svg" width=300" height=“300”>

Plasti-Dip as Powdercoat Mask

Cut Shapes Template

Warm Fuzzies

Future Forger

Parametric Tie Fighter - Fusion 360

Some Really Cool Shades

Wood Inlay Tips

Copic Marker vs Leather Dye

Newbie Gives Great Advice

And More Powdercoat Masking Advice

Saving A Fail

Clipping Paths Explained

Paper Picking Tricks

Another Glowbaby

Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending May 13th, 2017

Great job @cynd11 and everyone that helped put this together! Thank you


Nice work @cynd11! Thank you so much for the highlights :sunglasses:


Thanks for this job, every weekly highlights is getting longer and longer (that’s great!)


Thank you @cynd11 for the continuity. Much appreciated.


About a billion thanks to @joe and @cynd11 for not even letting the ball touch the ground. You’re the bestest!


@cynd11 did the heavy lifting, I helped where I could.


You are most welcome!

Not gonna lie, I’ll be glad when you are back with us!


Thanks so much to Joe and Cynd…great job care taking !