Denied techshop refund?

Hello any Techshop members out there?? I emailed glowforge about their $500 refund for members and I was denied the refund… they said because I purchased it before 5/15/17 so I didnt qualify for the refund… I thought as long as your a current member the refund will happen…

The announcement TechShop Bankruptcy: An Open Letter to the Maker Community stated that one had to purchase after 5/15/17 in order to get the refund. So they are just doing what they said they were going to do.

Thought Tech Shop had been bought out and wasn’t closing after all? (Last minute save.)

Yes, but GF hasn’t changed their policy on this yet.

It says that it goes to Techshop alums and also any techshop alum who has purchased the glowforge and any that has ALSO bought one as of 6/15/17…

That might not be happening…

That deal has already fallen through. There is a lot of really shady soap opera drama going on.

The AdaFruit blog has been posting updates regularly that lay out full details.

This is the latest one:

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This is so infuriating. I lost everything due to the closure of Techshop and now jumping through hoops for the refund… i just need access to a laser machine…

No it doesn’t. It says that for techshop alums who buy a GF after the announcement and until 31 dec 2017 there will be a discount. It then extends that offer to techshop alums who have bought in the previous six months.

Oh fantastic! :roll_eyes:

This offer is also good retroactively to any alum who purchased a Glowforge within the past 6 months. This offer is good through December 31st, 2017.

So what is this also that they mention about… I provided my bank statement and my techshop verifying my membership… it mentions that they have a exclusive refund to all Techshop members at the beginning of the statement…

I understand wanting to get the refund. You’ve been impacted by the TechShop closure (however permanent or temporary that may be). There were three conditions in the announcement that seem to apply to you:

  1. Must have been a member when Teck Shop Closed :white_check_mark:
  2. Must purchase a Glowforge after the announcement (up to 12/31/2017) or have pre-purchased a Glowforge :white_check_mark:
  3. The pre-purchase must be within the prior 6 months (I.e. after 15 May 2017) :x:

Sounds like they are just doing what they said. You have 2 of the 3 criteria, but it’s an AND condition, not an OR condition. You need to have all 3.

Great another falling through the cracks situation… Lost my business due to Techshop, bought a Glowforge so I am not chained to Techshop… Techshop bankruptcy, no Glowforge… I guess losing everything is a great thing… :sob:emphasized text

When I read all of this mess, I thought to myself that it really sounds like the original management really does not want someone else to reopen it, like they have something to gain by a complete failure!