Denim settings

This is a really common issue when discussing SVGs so I just want to clear something up for folks who may read this later. :slight_smile: SVGs and PDFs are both just container files that may contain both vectors and bitmaps in the same file. (Vectors are like drawings that have lines/node that your can move around and bitmaps (aka jpgs and pngs) are like photographs.) So when you talk about a SVG, it’s not clear which image type you are referring to. And FWIW, bitmaps can engrave as well as vectors as long as you save them with a higher resolution. To avoid loading a large vector into the GUI, I have a master vector image I work from and then I save a copy as a transparent PNG to bring into the GUI. (It can also be a JPG, I just happen to prefer PNGs . :woman_shrugging:t2:.)


Sorry you’re disappointed in your GF and you’d rather have one that operated differently. FWIW, there is a benefit to the wifi thing. The online connection allows GF support to immediately troubleshoot your machine and see how it’s operating. They can also make changes to your machine on the fly which has been really helpful. Wifi also means that everyone gets the exact same updates instantaneously and we are able to get updates on a very regular basis. (And we do!) If updates were done the traditional way everyone could (and would) be on different versions becasue some folks don’t keep things current. That would mean when GF rolls out a major change that needs everyone to be on the same version, there would be a ton of folks who’s machines wouldn’t work or would get very buggy. The way it is now, you hardly notice the constant changes becasue they just work 95% of the time for everyone.

So a tiny bit of good news, one your file loads into the GUI and is processed (you get the blue button meaning it’s ready to run), you don’t need the wifi to finish it. And to be fair, if your power goes out, you couldn’t use any other laser either. But yes, if your livelihood is 100% dependent on never having any down time, it’s probably best to get another system and then making sure you have more than one of them on hand. Unfortunately no lasers are perfect and even the $50,000 lasers break and experience down time. :pensive: