Denim settings

I case someone else needs a starting point on denim.

I used a height of .015 and engraved at full speed (1000). The numbers next to the pics represent the LPI. Both have been washed already.

1st pic is Medium weight denim.
The set of pics on the left was done at 15 power. The right side was just 1 power.
Notice the top right “1/full” text that looks great. I mis-typed and it engraved at 31 power instead of the 3 I wanted. It was too much. It didn’t eat through though the denim, you can just see it from the back and likley won’t wear well.

The second pic is a much lighter weight denim shirt I tried at 15/1000. It was too much and ate through in one place. I’d dial it back and start about 8 on the lightweight stuff.


Thank you!! My partner just bought me some denim for the Forge, and I knew I’d be puzzled as to where to start. (I think I also have that same series of crow & raven SVGs, which I love.)


Excellent, I was just anout to cut apart some pants and play with this

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Thanks for reporting your experiments!

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Cool, glad it will help! Given how well even 1 pew worked, I’d start lower end.


I have some local doctors who want their scrubs lasered with name/logo. Has anyone done that light cotton material. I am not sure if I’m ready to go there yet!

It can be done, but it’s tricky as it easily eats through and weakens the fabric. Since scrubs need a lot of washing, it might be an issue. The shirt up above with the raven on it was actually pretty thin material not too dissimilar to thick scrubs. At the settings I tried, tge laser still ate a small hole towards the bottom and it wouldn;t hold up to much washing. Get some old scrubs and give it a shot though! :stuck_out_tongue:


Oooh! Thanks so much for doing this! I sew/quilt/weave/God-knows what else so I hoard old t-shirts and jeans. I have an entire Sterilite container of old jeans that are waiting to become something else. I’m going to have to try this now!

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I haven’t had time to play more with denim, but I rally loved the look. Make sure ans share what you’re able to do!