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Hello fellow Glowforgers! I’m about to begin working on a wedding gift for some friends and they chose 1/8" Basswood Plywood for one of the pieces. I have (1) 12"x20" sheet, but I need 2 and the GF store is out of stock…Just wondering if anyone in the Denver, CO area has a spare sheet of it they would be willing to sell me?

If not, I have plenty of BB plywood that will probably be ok, but for this particular piece they liked it having a bit less grain, hence the basswood.

Thanks in advance!

They do sell it on Amazon if you’re desperate enough!
(be careful because a lot of searches bring up BB birch which isn’t the same at all :-/ Thanks search algorithm)

Most hobby stores and even hardware stores will have basswood and poplar plywood at good thicknesses. Revell is the common supplier and has good quality control but usually only basswood, poplar and balsa. Balsa is too soft for most of our purposes,

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Larger craft stores like Joann also carry the “hobby” plywood, but their supply is often limited because it gets picked over and not replenished.

Some of the “real” hardware stores like Ace or True Value carry it as well, but same story.

It can provide a local source for some good quality material to play with.

Thanks everyone, I’ll check those sources. A lot of places I’ve checked have basswood (not plywood) but of course not in a wide enough piece as the finished piece is about 11" x 13". I need to order some more BB ply and other hardwoods from Ocooch, so I’ll probably just use BB ply and go with the pieces with the least grain :grinning:

I’ve got one. Lone Tree, Park Meadows area.

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Westminster here - but just checked my stock and do not have any full sheets. Sorry!

I am not sure the type of wood but here is a link

Awesome, thank you! I’ll shoot you a PM

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