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When I’m not trying to figure out why my GlowForge died less than a week after getting it, I work as a CIO for a large credit union. I made a sign out of Walnut and basswood today for my office today during lunch. Pretty simple, as it just uses the credit union logo. I had planned on making a stand out of acrylic tonight, but not sure how long Rogue One will be offline. I had been in Texas on a business trip since Sunday, and just got back thinking I would spend the weekend continuing to make things on my new laser cutter. I’m really hoping that I don’t have to send it back and have to wait an extended period of time before it’s fixed. Pretty disappointed right now, and hope that support contacts me tomorrow. Unfortunately, they say it can be up to 3 business days before they get back to me. Anyone have experience with support and their turn-around time? :frowning:


Their support for me has been good. I do technical support so I am pretty critical of customer service and support. While they take longer than I would like to get back to me, I also understand they are dealing with a lot of customers and a lot of challenging issues, so I am willing to wait.
Once they do get back to me they are always polite, helpful, and make sure everything is taken care of. My replacement unit was shipped and received in good condition within four days of when we determined a replacement was needed, and the replacement has been rock solid.


Sign looks great. :grinning:

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Very nice!

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