Depth of cut / engraving control

First of all, I’m very excited to be getting a GlowForge!

Is there a way that the depth of the cut or engraving is controlled? I would very much like to see some screenshots of the software that will be used to load in a design and “print” it.

Check out a video demo here. They haven’t really shown off variable cut depth yet(early days in development) but they have show you can control the depth by the colours of the vector lines/raster image you use(at the moment they don’t have greyscale up and running yet for the engraving but this is planned). so on the left hand side of the GF software you will pick what colour means what power/speed and therefore cut depth.

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Is it possible to regulate the depth of engraving in one line? I mean regulation, which begins at a depth of engraving for example in 4mm and terminates on second end in 0.3 mm? Do you have some official info about it, after year?