Depth Sensor, lid camera, custom materials

I noticed that for custom materials, the ‘app’ asks me the material thickness… And it seems to use this thickness to calibrate the camera, so that my art lines up correctly.

Are there any plans to use the depth sensor to auto-calibrate the lid camera image? Might need to specify a reference point with the UI for where you want the measurement to be taken. Or… maybe the camera can ‘see’ something that isn’t the crumbtray and auto sweep over that general area with the head.

We’d still need to give the material thickness but at least the camera would be calibrated more automatically


Those are great ideas. :slight_smile:


The head camera can measure to 0.1mm we are told, so why would we need to measure it ourselves?

Was thinking in case we remove the crumb tray, the depth sensor doesn’t know that. But perhaps that can also be automated

The thickness of the material is not important. Just the distance between the top surface and camera for positioning and the top surface and the laser for focusing.

Well. That’s true but I was thinking about the multipass feature, and that it may want to increment it’s focus throughout the depth of the material.

So if you have a .5” material and 2 passes. First pass would be focused at .5” and 2nd pass would be focused at .25”

Depending on the material and what you’re doing and a lot of handwaving, focusing lower for a second pass may or may not be a good idea. If you have a very narrow kerf and focus below the surface, a bunch of the beam is going to be intercepted by the uncut material on either side of the kerf and mostly result in more charring. (My impression is that when your focus is at the surface, the beam effectively bounces off the sides of the cut and almost all of it ends up down at the bottom, but that could be baloney.)


Maybe, but fried or smoked baloney is pretty good :yum: – and I have ended up with that same impression, regarding focus, not just baloney!

Yeah, probably just my CNC experience shining through thinking we need a material thickness.

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